Monday, October 09, 2006

Body Rock: A Summer/Semester of Self-Esteem and Social Action

Body Rock Timeline:

Week 1: Introduction (This is Where I Live!: My Body/My Community
Monday: Inside Out Introductions (a visual exercise in which participants draw a two sided picture contrasting how they believe they are perceived on the outside vs. how they see themselves inside)
Wednesday: Welcome to.... (Participants make maps of what they see as their communities and give each other virtual tours)
Friday: The walk (participants learn about collage poems and write a collage poem about what they see when they walk around everyday)

Week 2: Reading the Body
Monday: Read a poem by asha bandele about the body and discuss
Wednesday: Analyze some pictures of bodies in advertisements in groups
Friday: Analyze a music video in groups and write an individual remix

Week 3: Speaking the Body
Monday: Pick a part of your body: if it could write you a letter what would it say?
Wednesday: Make life sized body sillouettes in partners
Friday: Fieldtrip ask everyone in Northgate Mall a question about the body (questions to be brainstormed in partner pairs)

Week 4: Moving the Body
Monday: Radio exericise (in groups pick a song from the radio that has instructions, present those instructions and your own new instructions. show us your instructions in the form of a dance!)
Wednesday: Guest Yoga with Michele Berger!
Friday: “Move Your Butts!” (a circle game in which the participants learn about what about their bodies they have in common)

Week 5: The Body at Risk
Monday: personal journaliing and discussion about what threatens our bodues
Wednesday: magazine collage group project (whose body is this?)
Friday: brainstorm for public art project

Week 6: Fashioning Selves
Monday: fieldtrip to the thrift store: (keep asking people about their bodies AND choose a t-shirt that you want to talk back to)
Wednesday: transform the shirt using scissorts, fabric paint and iron on transfers
Friday: Fabulosity: a fashion show in the park

Week 7: The Body Public
Monday: come to consensus on public art project and make teams (and group armbands with fabric markers)
Wednesday: what needs to be done group brainstorms and in group presentations
Friday: Who cares? Different audiences (older community members, seasoned activists, other kids act as focus groups and give feedback to the group presentations)

Week 8: Re-working
Monday: new ideas based on community feedback
Wednesday: visioning (make comic panels describing group vsions for the final project including justification, process, and outcomes)
Friday: logistics (make phone calls do research etc.)

Week 9: The Community Artist
Monday: read example artist statements and write individual artist statements
Wednesday: create a group description of the project
Friday: pose for provocative bio photos to accompany statements

Week 10: Body Construction Paper
Monday: free writing session (what would your body say now?)
Wednesday: brainstorm a title for a favorite piece of writing, write that title on a body part and direct a partner in taking a digital photo
Friday: collectively put the pieces in order and create a zine that accompanies the artist statements.

Week 11: All Week: Implementing the Project

Week 12: Unvieling the Project
Monday: Last minute adverstisement...citywide flyering in chaperoned groups
Wednesday: Promote the project with a taped public radio announcement
Friday: Unveil the project!

Week 13: Processing
Monday: Evaluating the success of the art presentation
Wednesday: Critiquing the program as a whole
Friday: End of Project Party!


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