Monday, October 09, 2006

Create a Newsletter: Brainstorming Session Redux

From 6-8pm on any given day
(successfully tested at North Carolina Lambda Youth Network with a brilliant age-diverse group of queer kids of color)

6:00-6:05 musing: play one song and have everybody freewrite until the
end of the song (in order to move past the thoughts of the day and
move into workshop mode!)

6:05-6:15 go around: everyone says their most current nickname and a
talent or interest that they have

6:15-6:20 newsletter needs: present the
basic framework/timeline for/function of the newsletter.

6:20-6:55: major brainstorm. brainstorm questions
1. what would be the coolest possible outcomes of this newletter (our vision)
2. who do we envision as our audience(s) (with logistical
regards to who actually gets the newsletter)?
3. based on our vision and our audience(s) what would be a cool theme
for this first newsletter?
a. follow-up...where do these themes intersect? how can we bring
most of them together? how can we address other themes.
4. What would be good articles? Who wants to do what?

6:55-7:30 Writing (with a pencil) time. The computer is also
available for any research that we need to do for our articles.

7:30-7:45 Article exchange. (quick groundrule moment if needed) Ask
someone you trust to read your article, and also read theirs. What do
we love about each other's articles? What do we need more info about?

7:45-debrief (what worked, what didn't will we get the rest
of the work done)


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