Monday, October 09, 2006

I Be Who I Be: Media Poetry and Re-Imagining Identity

IBeWhoIBe: Media, Poetry, and Re-Imagining Identity
by Ebony Golden
(see for copies of the love note journal "i be who i be")


This workshop is designed to debunk and recreate ideas and popular notions of identity that work to warp the minds and self-esteem of young brothas and sistas. This workshop is necessary because the constant barage of negative press, media, and art constructed to confuse and tear down our children is doing just that. This workshop is necessary because it empowers young brothas and sistas to write and construct (a la Bearden, a la hip hop, a la Lucille Clifton, a la my aunties lemon pound cake) a self-portrait that builds them up and builds us up in the process.


Read my poem entitled Self-Portrait: July, 2005
Discuss the self-image of the speaker in the poem
Show several popular images from magazines
Have the participants create a cut-and-paste list poem based on
the responses
Have the students paste their poem on poster board
Have the students rip out/ and paste pictures that represent who they or
what they want to be and what they want their communities to be
Have students write 8-word poems to describe who they be or who they want to be
Open Mic

Arts Installation
Find a space where we can post our collages and do a impromptu poetry reading

Take Away Activity
Give each participant a journal (i can make these) and pen to continue writing a love letter to themselves and other stuff too.

Any questions or suggestions please let me know, i'm flexible!!!



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