Monday, October 09, 2006

Leaving Home Becoming Home

a companion workshop for the anthology Leaving Home Becoming Home edited by Linda Bryant

(workshop made up by Bea Sullivan and Alexis Pauline Gumbs)

Leaving Home Becoming Home
Basic Workshop Structure
(everyone sits in a circle facing each other, preferably on the floor)
What this book is: A collection of writing by young women and the writers they admire about the ideas of home, self and growth. This book is about why you would leave home and ever want to come back.
How it was produced: This book was developed by the High School Women Writer’s Group at Charis Circle, the non-profit organization of Charis Books and More, a feminist bookstore in Atlanta Georgia.
You can do this too!

M&M exercise: (materials: one package of m&m’s)
Everyone answers the question that matches the color of M&M they choose.
red: what state were you born in?
yellow: where is your mother from?
orange: where is your father from?
green: what is your favorite place that you’ve visited recently?
blue: where do you live now?
brown: where do you spend most of your time? (e.g. at school, in the bookstore, in the park)

Art Project: (materials: markers, big sheets of butcher paper, floor space)

Everyone takes one big piece of paper and draws their home space (and the people and things that make them feel at home). They sit on/in/behind/near this “home”.

Share about your “home” by presenting your drawing.
Everybody Switch!: Move and sit by/in someone else’s “home”.
Could you live here?
What is different from your home?
What is similar?

Writing Prompt:
You can find home in a person, a moment, a meal and of course in yourself. Make a poem out of small descriptions of different homes in your life.
1. list of different homes in your life/ things or people that make you feel at home
2. three lines that describe three of those places
Whoever wants to share can share.
Group Poem:
Go back to the lists of “homes” that everyone made. Starting with whoever wants to start read items from your list that relate to what the person before you said. Jump in whenever you want, but try to speak one at a time. The workshop facilitator should be taking it all down, and after the group poem is created read it back with the group.

Brainstorm-What are ways we could make our (community/school/class/club/bookstore) feel more like home?

What are first steps to making these things happen?
(a volunteer from the group can write these ideas down on butcher paper, and maybe everyone can volunteer to be accountable for at least one idea)

email us and let us know how it went, send the poems to us!!!!

Charis Circle


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