Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where is the Love?: Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Session II

In 1978 at the 4th Annual Conference of Afro-American Writers at Howard University, June Jordan facilitated a historic and controversial panel on "Black Women Writers and Feminism." The talk that she presented "Where is the Love?" defined black feminism as a crucial act of love. Met with some hostility and homophobia from the audience, the talk was later published in Essence Magazine and remains a generations primary interface with what black feminism might mean.

More than 30 years later we are still working through what it means to create community and transformation through a radical understanding of love. Join BrokenBeautiful Press and SpiritHouse for a discussion of this important essay!

In Durham we will be gathering at 1pm on Saturday February 7th.
The essay is available for free download at :

Feel free to read along and gather wherever you are!


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